Permits, Parry Sound, ON

HomePermits, Parry Sound, ON

Don’t skip permitting before you renovate your home.

Style, materials, colour, and other aesthetic upgrades are what you most likely consider when you decide to move forward with any type of home renovation or improvement. But another important step you need to take is determining whether you will need to obtain a permit to complete the work.

Permits in Parry Sound, Ontario

At MB Home Designs, we can help you obtain permits for your upcoming renovation or building project in the Parry Sound, Ontario area. As part of our home plan design services, we can include permitting in the process.

Simply put, building permits are issued by a city or town to authorize a project. Permits are needed for the majority of renovation and remodelling projects in the Parry Sound, Ontario area to ensure the project remains in compliance with safety regulations, construction standards, and zoning codes.

In most cases, projects that require a permit involve those that alter the existing structure of the building or could potentially create an unsafe working condition. For instance, you will likely need a permit for your project if you want to remove or add walls to your home, change how you use a certain room in your home, alter your home’s piping, or demolish a certain portion of your house.

We have extensive knowledge about permits and the requirements new renovation and remodelling projects must meet to remain in compliance with building codes and other regulations. For more information about how we can support your renovation or remodelling project, reach out to us today.

At MB Home Designs, we can obtain permits in the Muskoka-Parry Sound, Ontario area, including Bala, Baysville, Bracebridge, Dorset, Dwight, Gravenhurst, Huntsville, Lake of Bays, MacTier, Magnetawan, McKellar, Muskoka, Nobel, Parry Sound, Pointe au Baril, Port Carling, Rosseau, Seguin Township, South River, and Sundridge.


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