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If you’re planning a home construction project, you need to know about the permitting process to ensure everything goes smoothly! Here’s a quick list of to-do items that you’ll need to follow to ensure that getting building permits goes according to plan!

What to Know About Permits & Home Construction

  1. Apply for Permits – The first step is to apply for permits with the proper authorities for your locale. This usually includes a bit of paperwork and may cost a fee to apply. Permits are required for home construction projects of all types, from a new build to home additions.
  2. Submit Home Plans – Once you’ve applied for permits to build, you’ll need to submit your home construction plans for approval by the city. They will want to ensure that proper zoning and permitting laws are followed before you even break ground!
  3. Get Plan Approval – Once your plans are approved, you’ll be able to move forward with the home construction process. It may take several days or weeks to hear back about your home construction plan.
  4. Get the Permits – Once you have the building permits in hand, you are ready to start your home construction process! This is an exciting time when you can begin to see all the plans you have on paper come to life.
  5. Schedule Inspections – As your home construction project progresses, you’ll need different inspections to ensure that you continue to meet local regulations as outlined in your permits.
  6. Complete the Project – Your project is complete, and you can now enjoy your new home! No matter the scope and size of the project, this is the most rewarding part of any home construction project.

If getting permits for your new home building project seems overwhelming, reach out to us at MB Home Designs for help. We are prepared to help you with every step of the process, from permitting to putting the finishing touches on your design. Reach out to us today to learn more about our services!

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