Key Steps in Preparing for a Building Project [Infographic]

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At MB Home Designs, we’re here to make sure your building project is set up for success whether you’re wanting to construct, remodel, or renovate a new home or home addition. There’s a lot that must take place between the time you first conceptualize the project and the time it’s finished, but here are the key steps you must take during the process:

  • Design Plans- To take your vision and apply it to the real world, you’ll need skilled professionals to design building plans. We can create these for you to fulfill your specific requests, and we even provide 3D renderings, so you can have a clearer picture of what your project will look like once it’s completed. Our design plans come with unlimited revisions.

Key Steps in Preparing for a Building Project

  • Obtain Permits- Most new construction, remodelling, and renovation projects require building permits to ensure they comply with the Ontario Building Code, zoning bylaws, and other requirements. Failing to obtain the proper permits can subject you to expensive fines. Luckily, we can assist you with the permitting process by helping you prepare and submit your application to your municipality.
  • Hire Contractors- With plans and permits in hand, you have the most important things you need to move forward with construction. Be sure you hire licensed and insured contractors who have relevant experience in your type of project, so they can successfully deliver on your vision.

If you’re ready to take the first steps for your building project, contact us today to schedule a free estimate.