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Ensure the success of your project with a quality design.

Creating home design plans is more complicated than drawing what you want your future home to look like on a piece of paper and then calling a contractor. Home design plans must provide exact measurements and details for utilities, ventilation, and materials, so that a contractor can easily translate them into a physical space.

About MB Home Designs

At MB Home Designs, we want to design your perfect home, and we can create exceptional design plans for your new property in the Muskoka-Parry Sound, Ontario area. Our custom home plans feature a complete construction set, meaning that they contain all necessary framing closeups, construction details, and detailed construction and material specifications. Ultimately, our house plans convey your ideas to your builder and ensure your new home turns out exactly how you envision.

We use advanced, up-to-date home design software and can provide 3D renderings of your house plans during the initial design phase. We also provide unlimited revisions, so we can adjust your design plans as many times as needed until we get it right. During this process, we can work alongside engineers, planners, or contractors involved in your project to eliminate unexpected issues and make sure your project proceeds smoothly.

We can design a complete home for your family or smaller projects, including renovation design plans, sunroom plans, deck plans, and more. To schedule a consultation or to learn more about our team’s design and planning capabilities, reach out to us today.