Your New Home Starts with Us

Are you planning on building a new home or building? The quality of this structure heavily depends on the quality of your design plans. While do-it-yourself apps and preconfigured plans can provide a foundation for other projects, you want a customized result that represents exactly what you want in a living or working space.

Home Design Services

Let us design your next project.


Choose MB Home Designs to elevate your project and enhance the forthcoming building and construction phases by choosing us to draft your home design. Affordable, reliable, and dedicated to complete customer satisfaction, we have designed many homes and buildings in the Muskoka-Parry Sound, Ontario area up to this point.

We know it takes time to achieve perfection, which is why we provide unlimited revisions. If there is something you don’t like or want to change with your home design, let us know. Our team will happily make adjustments until you are ready to move forward with the build.

Exterior Remodeling

Exterior Remodelling

Get the vision you have in mind for your home’s exterior on paper by partnering with our exterior remodelling professionals.

House Construction

House Construction

Streamline the house construction process by choosing our team to design your new home.


At MB Home Designs, we can help you obtain permits for your upcoming renovation or building project in the Parry Sound, Ontario area. As part of our home plan design services, we can include permitting in the process.

House Construction

Site Plans & Renderings

We can create site plans for new projects throughout the Parry Sound, Ontario area. Our site plans include a 3D rendering that can be helpful for visualizing the site’s landscaping, outdoor structures, plantings, and planned improvements.


MB Home Designs creates comprehensive, custom home plans for new projects. We’re looking for contractors to partner with us and bring the designs we create to life. Looking for side work? We’ll work within your schedule and provide a finder’s fee for bringing us work. Ready to get started? We’ll provide a loyalty incentive to bring you plans quickly.

House Construction

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We can work closely with any engineers, planners, or contractors to fulfill your project requirements and exceed your expectations. To get the home or building design process started, reach out to us today.